Hi! I'm Allana.

Living my best fancy-free freelance life

I knew from the moment I started a career in writing that I would eventually go out on my own. But it took several years of job-hopping, a global pandemic and a realization that no full-time job is truly secure for me to decide that timing didn't need to be a factor. Now I have the freedom I crave, the variety of work I thrive on and all the time in the world to cuddle with my dog.

Writing copy that is truly en pointe

As a former ballet dancer, I know how important precision is. I look at writing through the same lens. While Charles Dickens made a name for himself by writing pages-long sentences connected by an infinite amount of commas that eventually make you lose track of the sentence completely — phew — I take a more streamlined approach. And anyway, we can't all be Dickens.

From making taglines sing to turning jumbled terminology into a masterclass in storytelling, I'll breathe new life into the content that helps you connect with your customers. Let's get started!

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