Talogy Website Rebrand

Challenge Pages

I interviewed stakeholders to learn all about the challenges their clients have with screening, selection and development of talent. I then framed each challenge page to detail the problem and show how Talogy would be the best provider to solve the problem.

Screening and selection challenges

Development challenges

Industry Pages

Talogy provides talent management solutions for clients across many industries. To write these pages, I gathered information from Talogy's expert consultants in each industry. Because this is a global website, I spoke to stakeholders around the world to ensure I accurately captured the nuances of each market.

Industry verticals

“Allana was just the person we needed to help shift the new brand concept into a reality.”

― Frances Taylor, Global Head of Marketing, Talogy

Assessment Pages

Each of the original assessment pages were written in different ways with varying styles and formats. My job was to take the existing content and retrofit it into a uniform format. To fill in any light or missing sections, I interviewed product owners and added new content.

Assessment Finder